Thank you so much for prayerfully considering me for service.

Feel free to contact me by email at (this is most efficient) and we can set up a time to talk on the phone. From there, we can see what develops and how to move forward from there.

If you are ready to put together a tentative contract, please follow these five easy steps.

  1. Download a sample contract here (MS Word).
  2. Edit accordingly in all areas that are highlighted in yellow.
    Note: Add/Subtract talks to the list as needed.
  3. Save it to your desktop, and then print it off.
  4. Sign with blue pen where indicated near the end.
  5. Scan back to me at

After this point…
I will sign them and forward them off to you and we are good to go.
From this point, we pray and offer everything to God.


Blessings in Christ & I look forward to working with you.


Hudson Byblow