Below is a listing of Hudson’s most popular talks. Hudson can provide a presentation to your audience covering the below topics, or he can combine them into a 2 or 3-day mission. Contact him to schedule your next presentation.


1. Infinity Plus One: Faith through Mathematics

In this talk, Hudson shares how “Mathematics made him Catholic” and helped him to establish a foundation for defending the Catholic Faith in a world that rejects Holy Scripture and the authority of the Catholic Church. This is a simplified presentation of the course entitled “The Logic of Human Anthropology: A Mathematical Approach to Christian Behavior” which was first presented at the Tulsa seminary on February 13-15, 2015. It is challenging, yet simple, however no prior mathematical knowledge is required!
Ideal Duration: 2 hours + Q & A, 15-video preview available here.
Target Audience: Adults. Course Outlines: Original and Revised.

[Hudson’s] insights into presenting Catholic sexual ethics and Theology of the Body through a mathematical model is unprecedented. I know of no one else who could do this or who has the credentials to do this. – Rev. Msgr. Patrick Brankin Full Letter

2. How to Keep our Kids Catholic

These days, our young children are being drawn away from the Catholic Church more and more, but what can we do about it? Lots! In this talk, Hudson explores a number of factors that contribute to our current situation, and how we can fix it. The aim is to not only draw our young people into the Catholic faith on a deeper level, but to also set the stage for our children to come back home to the faith if they have already departed. This talk is offered to hopefully better equip parents, and to also give them hope.
Ideal Duration: 90 minutes (includes a small break) with Q & A to follow.
Target Audience: Adults.

I can totally relate! This was great and I would love to learn more! – Attendee
The fact that the speaker had left the faith and had first-hand experience was great! – Attendee
I enjoyed hearing the music at the end. It made me feel peaceful and close to God. – Attendee
I found it most valuable to be reminded that God wants us to be joyful in our trials and that the Rosary protects us. – Attendee
Your idea that we should be joyful and not “suffer” over the fact that our kids may not be practicing their faith was reassuring to me. – Attendee
A good reminder to us parents that it we shouldn’t get down on ourselves and that there are factors beyond us that are influencing our children. – Attendee

3. Sexuality, Gender, and Coming Home Catholic

In this gripping, yet joyful personal testimony, Hudson reveals the power of God’s amazing love and mercy (and justice), in a world that says the Catholic Church is the last place he should ever belong. He addresses several red-hot topics having to do with sexual attractions and gender identity, as he walks us through his life experience, and what he has learned from others along the way. As he shares his story with charity, clarity and compassion, he does so without compromising the Catholic faith, and hopes this presentation will give others the tools to do the same.

Hudson gives us an honest (and age-appropriate) look at how any person’s life can be reconciled with the Catholic Church if they engage in an earnest pursuit of truth. – Brett, School Principal

I am offering my own sexuality to the Lord and am delighting in the fact that my sex isn’t the essence of my entire being.” – Student

Thank you! Before hearing this, I didn’t know if I could belong in the Church! – Student

Everything I heard spoke to my heart and reiterated my firm belief that love, a listening ear, and a praying heart are the best ways to approach our brothers and sisters who experience same-sex attractions. – Parent

4. Gender Ideology: Responding with Clarity, Charity, & Compassion

In this talk, Hudson shares strategies that will help churches/organizations navigate through the difficult topics pertaining to sexuality and gender in a way that does not sacrifice the faith and draws people into the deeper questions. He addresses teaching strategy, linguistic concerns, and talking points that can be used to draw people into a deeper understanding, while still respecting where people are at. He also addresses the matter of choice of identity and whether or not people are “created that way” in hopes of drawing into an appreciation of sound Catholic anthropology. Despite the heavy content, he does this with joy while finding humorous and or insightful ways to illustrate foundational principles.

Listening to Hudson share his testimony and life experiences is to listen to someone who has deeply interiorized the liberating teachings of the Church regarding human sexuality. I believe that his message has the potential to transform hearts and lives. – Fr. Cristino Bouvette, Vocations Director, Diocese of Calgary
The question about gender and homosexuality I have been questioning for years. I was convinced that a healthy, normal relationship between two people of the same gender was perfectly okay. So when I walked into your talk, I was prepared to be against everything you would say since I expected hatred and or a bunch of rules. The result was the complete opposite. – College Student
I finally felt God’s love that was reaching out to me this whole time, but in more clarity. I loved hearing that our sexuality is a gift to offer up to God, but was also angry because I have never heard of the Church’s teachings on homosexuality except for the hateful oppositions usually portrayed in media. – College Student 
I was especially touched by his statements on attractions being more diverse than merely sexual/romantic, and his desire to root his identity in Christ rather than his attractions/inclinations. Also, his advice to people whose loved ones are experiencing same-sex attractions was very helpful. – Parent
4. The Pursuit of Forever Love: A Relationship Talk for Teens and Pre-Teens

In this age-appropriate talk, Hudson draws young people into a clearer understanding of how youth can heighten the probability of reaching the goals and dreams that they hope to achieve. He walks with them through incremental truths about themselves, about relationships with others, and the neurological realities of our brains that exists independent of our specific choices. This talk has been shown to give youth hope, empowerment, and a sense of their own ability to enact the change they would like to see in their own lives, in a way that can light up young hearts with a renewed passion for seizing the day and making good choices.

Audio Link: The Pursuit of Forever Love | Grade 6 | Colorado 2016
Audio Link: The Pursuit of Forever Love | Grade 6 | Colorado 2016 Unscripted Q & A Session

Ideal Duration: 30 minutes + time for Unscripted Q & A
Target Audience: Teens and Pre-Teens

Thank you for helping me know that I’M WORTH IT! – Student

Thanks for explaining how our brains and how they work. I never thought about things that way before! – Student