I just wanted to thank you for your presentation. Everything I heard spoke to my heart and reiterated my firm belief that love, a listening ear, and a praying heart are the best ways to approach our brothers and sisters. – Tienne, Catholic Layperson, Saskatchewan

I went to one of the evening adult presentations and also sent my son to the middle school talk. Everything I heard spoke to my heart and reiterated my firm belief that love, a listening ear, and a praying heart are the best ways to approach our brothers and sisters experiencing same-sex attractions. It was so wonderful to hear his testimony and know that there truly are people out there searching for holiness and a way to be a full member of the body of Christ. I was especially touched by his statements on “attractions” being more diverse than merely sexual/romantic, and his desire to root his identity in Christ rather than his attractions/inclinations. His advice to people whose loved ones are experiencing same-sex attractions were very helpful. – Parent, Colorado

It was such a great talk! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your insights. Not only were you engaging and enlightening, but so funny, too! Can’t emphasize enough how great a time I had! 😀 – Austin, College Student, Ontario

Hudson, you gave a much needed thorough explanation and assessment of how environmental factors really do influence our sin issues. I think your testimony is what so many others need to hear because as you say, people are so quick to label or try to define a person the wrong way (like cheese and mac). BTW I like black licorice and I’m wanting to try ketchup fries)! – Melissa, Parent, Australia

I really enjoyed his presentation and thought overall the middle school youth that came each took something new & positive to take with them from the presentation. – Greg, Youth Minister, Colorado

It was truly a blessing to have you at Youth for Truth – I think the evaluation forms spoke for themselves! The kids loved you! You took a really tough subject and made it easy to listen to and it was beautiful how you were able to bring it all back to love. So thank you so much for coming! Keep us in your prayers and know that you are in ours! – Amy, Youth 4 Truth Coordinator, Alberta

It sounds l;like many benefited from the experience and that the Holy Spirit was indeed present.  Thank you for all your hard work and devotion to our Faith and our young people. – Fr. Joe (Overseer of High School Presentation), Ohio

Inspirational, surprising and informative! – High School Student, Ohio

Thank you so much for taking time to talk to us and answer our questions. The talk that you gave us was very informative. – High School Student, Ohio

Thank you for you time and teachings! I really enjoyed learning about you and hearing what you have to say. I recommend talking to more classes like you did ours. I really liked it and it was interesting. – High School Student, Ohio

Never give up. I can’t wait until you’re famous! – High School Student, Ohio
Note: My prayer is that I may become the least

Thank you for taking time to answer our questions. I really appreciate it and thought about the great answers you delivered to us. – High School Student, Ohio

“One might think it is difficult to be both bold and humble at the same time, yet Hudson Byblow encapsulates both virtues. His relatable and joyful demeanor appeals to all ages, and he delivers tough material in an understandable fashion. Above all, his holiness shines through allowing others to sense his passionate sincerity of heart. – Jody Nichols, High School Catechism Teacher, Ohio